17 January 2013

TEXTILES - sheila bownas

at an auction in 2008 chelsea cefai purchased an entire collection of surface pattern designs by the late, english artist sheila bownas. sheila's prolific talent was hidden from everyone and even her family until after her death in 2007. when relatives took a look around her home in linton, near skipton, they were amazed to discover hundreds of paintings and textile designs in her small yorkshire studio. during the late 1950s and 1960s, sheila worked on numerous commissions for liberty of london, crown wallpapers, and marks and spencer. chelsea is faithfully bringing a selection of these patterns back to life through collaborations and has launched a new website featuring cushions, fabrics, and prints which you can view online here.


April Sharman said...

I think this is such a sweet story and it's nice the designs are being revived again, rather like Barbara Brown?

Jane Greiner said...

Fabulous designs, and great story of their revival.

Bonny said...

These are such stunning designs! Thanks for sharing!

Femi Ford said...

how inspiring!