30 January 2013

WALL ART - juicy canvas

juicycanvas is a new start up company creating framed art prints and stretched canvases. juicycanvas believe everything is now customizable and therefore takes an artist’s “finished” artwork and 'automagically' unlocks it for further personalization and experimentation. you can rotate, re-size and recolour the artworks. i have picked out a few favourites but there are lots more online here at juicycanvas. above : jazzberry blue and below : katy clemmans.

above : yesterdays featured artist danielle kroll and below : vasare nar

above : migy and below judy kaufmann
below : by muxxi

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of custom artwork though I feel like the artist who created the work knows the best cropping of their own works.
For canvas printing though I do like www.canvaspop.com and for custom photo artwork I have used www.graphikcanvas.com and have been very satisfied.