14 February 2013


it's valentine's day and i have a final round-up of card designs to post. the first three designs, including the lovely one above by jane ormes, were spotted and snapped in waterstones.

below : printable valentines papers from em papers.

below : valentines cards snapped in uk supermarket tesco.

below : unfortunately in asda this year there were'nt any cards worth photographing, but there were a few wrapping papers and gift bags that were interesting.


Wendy said...

just wondering if the "i like you" valentines day card is Tesco? because it looks VERY much like the work of Gemma Correll....I hope they haven't blatantly ripped her off :(

bowie style said...

hi wendy,
the card was being sold in tesco but i do believe it is gemma's own work licensed to a publisher.

Wendy said...

Oh phew, I am glad!