13 March 2013

COLOUR - mini moderns paint

i dont normally cover paints here on print & pattern but i thought the colours were so good and the photographs so well styled i could not resist this new range from mini moderns. the mini moderns design duo of keith stephenson and mark hampshire have teamed up with newlife paints to release a collection twelve colours. the paints are also environmentally responsible as they're made from 90% recycled material, i.e waste paint. the paint is then test and filtered for quailty and the result is premium grade emulsion with a high opacity. this production method means that each 2.5 litre tin of paint can save up to one and a half waste tins from landfill. they'll also be retailing 250ml "project pots" for £5 which are perfect for small jobs, crafters, and artists. available online here.

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Miss Drawingdream said...

so lovely patterns! :)