20 May 2013

SURTEX 2013 - final flyers

now the surtex show is in full swing lots of the pattern industries movers and shakers will be in new york buying, selling, and soaking up inspiration and trends. before we go onto to look at other things i do have a few last minute surtex flyers to post that arrived too late for last week. the first is from sarah walsh, an artist who has just joined the lilla rogers studio in booth 317. she will also be joined alongside by lisa de john and sarajo frieden.

below : the orange blossom studio are at surtex this year in booth 1013 showing a unique collection of fun, colourful and modern designs. the collection will feature christmas, everyday , characters, novelty, florals, and geometric prints for a wide range of products.

below : i2i are in booth 340 with a great selection of artists including award winning illistrator and painter mark hoffmann who makes his surtex debut.

below : also at i2i art you'll find besty everitt.....

below : thom  sevalrud at i2i in booth 340.

and finally below colourful florals from uk based designer sarah beetson.

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