10 May 2013

SURTEX 2013 - more fab flyers

here are some more great designers to look out for if you are attending surtex, or if like me you wont be at the show you can still check them out online. first up carolyn gavin (above) who will be exhibiting new work with lilla rogers in booth 317 and below : jill mcdonald will be in booth 712.

below : look out for the lylove studio in booths 920-922.
below : cindy lindgren will be exhibiting for her third year at surtex in booth 553.
below : designer claire scott will be represented by roy & jane evans in booth 809.
below : kansas based designer gina martin will be in booth 359 showing two new christmas collections and mid century inspired designs.
below : in booth 747 diane kappa will be launching new collections of blooms, plaids, and medallions.

below : anne keenan higgins - will be walking the floor at surtex this year and can be contacted via her website here.

and finally (below) mark cesarik will be in booth 843.

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Gina Martin said...

Thank you for this! So much fabulous work!