04 June 2013

BOOKS - inspirational interiors

doing your design work in a creative space is very important, so i like to buy interior design books that have lots of display, colour and ornaments in them. this is also useful in giving tips on how to style your own design in photography. some of my recent acquisitions include happy home which was written by charlotte hedeman gueniau who is the founder of cool danish company rice. as you can imagine to book features lots of lovely homes with scandinavian white wood rooms filled with colourful and interesting bits and pieces. you can find happy home on amazon uk or amazon usa and here are a few snapshots to give you the flavour...

the next book is "pretty pastel style" by selina lake which is ideal if you prefer a softer palette. this is the perfect companion to selina's other books 'romantic style' and my favourite 'homespun style'. you can find them all here on amazon uk or amazon usa.

and finally if you a like a slightly darker vintage style you will love fashion designer pearl lowe's new book called 'vintage craft'. published by harper collins it includes lots of lovely styling and shots of pearl's own home along with 50 new craft projects to help bring vintage style to readers homes. templates are included and pearl's little black book of useful addresses. see it here on amazon uk or amazon usa.

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