24 June 2013

CARDS - wotmalike

joanne burrows designs trend led regional greetings cards, wrap, and gifts. joanne currently covers the following regions:  tyneside, merseyside, greater Manchester, northumberland, and the latest addition cumbria. she loves to show the diversity of the english language and with more regions in the pipeline and an ever expanding range be sure to check out 'wotmalike' cards online here.


pop-i-cok said...

These are fab!
I know loads of people have tried to copy her but these are the original and the best :-)

Abigail (Buttercrumble) said...

Haha, these are so funny and cute! I love how she's been inspired by the different dialects we have in the UK.

bykerlass said...

Ahhh thanks means a lot to me being on here so thanks for the lovely comments.