19 June 2013

DESIGNER - samantha jayne wood

samantha jayne wood is a surface pattern designer who is about to graduate from the university of bolton with a BA (Hons) in textile/surface design. samantha will also be exhibiting at new designers part one in london at the end of june. samanth'a latest project theme involved researching organic forms and nature including plants, flowers, insects and butterflies. she explored these aspects, and developed various collections of gift wrap, greetings cards, scarves and stationery. Samantha says "studying textiles/surface design as a degree has enhanced my passion. I now plan to further pursue design for the greetings/stationery market and hope to gain as much work experience within designs companies to gain my dream job as a surface designer in a contemporary and commercial design studio". contact : samantha_w1udy@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Good luck Samantha in your future career and at New Designers.
Karen Harbour. Bolton Institute Graduate 2006.

rachael schafer said...

love your organic forms with pop art color!