05 June 2013

FABRICS - erin mcmorris

erin mcmorris has a brand new fabric collection launching next month called 'astrid'. the prints are erin's interpretation of a simple mid-century modern collection. it comes in 3 colourways, poppy, chartreuse and turquoise, and is designed to intermix together and with black for a bold look. also available from earlier this year is 'moxie' a fun young collection inspired by her love of word bubbles and their shapes! it features simple flowers, graphics and of course word bubbles and comes in 3 colourways. click here for erin's website or check out freespirit fabrics for more erin designs.


print services said...

Creative designs. Especially the one with curved stripes is looking typically different and beautiful. Amazing work Erin!!

Jane Foster Blog said...

These are all really fun!