03 June 2013

KICKSTARTER - room39 : knit knit

if you enjoyed today's post on the gorgeous starling store you will have seen the beautiful 'knit knit' cushions which were created by petra green at room39. ever since petra launched her knit knit range of bedlinen she has been bombarded with requests for double and king size sets. but with the expense of manufacturing for designers and lack of bank funding available these days petra has decided to set up a kickstarter project to fund having them made in the UK. take a look online here at how the total is going and to see if you fancy being a part of the project.


adriprints said...

Interesting that it's called "knit knit"... it's showing the purl side of knitting. ;)

petra said...

Adri hi, it shows purl and knit which you get by only using the knit stitch throughout- hence Knit Knit :)