10 June 2013


Portmeirion, the world famous pottery have launched an exciting competition open to all UK design students. the full details and brief can be found online here but here are a few details...
Portmeirion, the pottery company, was established in the heart of The Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, in 1960. Their founder, Susan Williams-Ellis, always pushed the boundaries of design for the home. She created shapes of tableware and surface patterns that had never been seen before and that inspired homemakers to make their dining tables look beautiful everyday. Susan created beautiful collections that were functional, affordable and built to last.

Portmeirion want you to design an original and innovative tableware design for today’s modern homemaker. Typically Portmeirion customers tend to be female aged between 25 and 40 who have an interest in fashion for themselves and for their home. However, this isn’t always the case, and they urge entrants to design a range that is true to their own design values. Remember the vision of their founder. Be brave and dazzle them with your originality but make sure your design would still sit comfortably on the tables of today’s modern homemakers. The winning design will also work well on accessories like cake stands, cookware, tea-towels, aprons and even glass or napkins.
£1000 in cash
Paid internship with Portmeirion Group (up to 3 months)
The winning design will be pitched to some of Portmeirion’s customers including John
Lewis, House of Fraser and Liberty. And, if they like it, the design could go into full production and be sold worldwide. That means you could see your design in a high street store.
This competition is open to full and part time students over the age of 16, living in the UK. Please see the full terms and conditions to check your eligibility. For terms and conditions please visit www.portmeirion.co.uk/designcompetition
below are some examples of current Portmeirion ranges


Abigail ♥ said...

Sounds like a great competition!
Have the templates for the contest been published yet? I can't find them.

Thanks for sharing,

Sara Plimbley said...

Hi Abigail

I'm Sara from Portmeirion and your contact for this design competition.

Thanks for such enthusiasm!

The templates are available. Please can you email me at splimbley@portmeirion.co.uk and I will send you all the information you need.

Good luck!