05 July 2013

PAPERGOODS - port-a-plant

i loved the colours and patterns of this paper plants from chronicle books. this cute decor kit includes everything you need to create three plants with punch-out leaves, stems and pots. it seems a great way to add a splash of colour without the need to water the stay fresh blooms. see it online at modcloth in the usa or on amazon in the uk.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I loooove this! I am terrible at taking care of alive plants and the patterns ar just so pretty!

Thanks for posting, I'm definitely buying this!


anomis - vibrant elegance

Super Jane Smith said...

Adorable! Love!

Peta-Ann Smith said...

That certainly is a very sweet idea, especially if you live in an apartment without adequate sunlight for colourful plants.

Kate Brennan Hall said...

On a practical side these would be great gifts for people who are undergoing special medical treatments where they can't be around live plants (bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy,etc) and yet they need colorful gifts/plants to cheer them. Love them! Thank you for this post.

thunderpeep said...

Love this idea. I have NO green thumb, plants always die... these are my kind of plants :)

Michelle - www.thunderpeepdesigns.com

orange you lucky! said...

Possibly the only plants I will not be able to kill:). Such a cute idea!