20 August 2013

DESIGNER - amelia bowman

if you are looking for designs with a retro vintage pop then take a look at the bright colours and florals of  designer Amelia Bowman Robbie. Amelia studied for a BA (Hons) in Textiles at Norwich School of Art and Design and creates her patterns with  a combination of hand-drawn and digital design skills. she longs to have her pattern designs reproduced on fabrics,
wrapping paper, wallpaper, etc and if you do too you can see more of Amelia's work online here.


Amelia Bowman Robbie said...

Goodness me, you featured my work! Thank you so much! I have just ordered Print and Pattern Kids to go with your first two books - can't wait! Anyway, I will now go and share this page in as many places as I can! THANK YOU!

bowie style said...

I love your work Amelia - so bold and colourful. thank you for buying P+P kids too - I hope you will like it : )

Meg R said...

What gorgeous patterns!!! I hope to see your work on fabric or stationary soon!