12 August 2013

NEW COLLECTION - we are yoke

YOKE have just launched their brand new lines for 2013. the collection includes cushions, giant floor cushions, tote bags and screen prints which all feature characters such as Ronnie & Frank their mischievous pussy's, Alfie their resident rabbit and pelican Patrick. they've also introduced something new for YOKE in the form of a 'Limited Collection'. this explores brand new materials and techniques, with laser etched and screen printed paper and birch wood prints. see more from YOKE online here.


Abigail ♥ said...

I love their work! ♥ The bold colours and stylised shapes really pop out to me!

Visual Philosophy said...

Love these patterns so much. Very clean and modern takes on unique themes. Thanks for sharing!


wallartidea said...

Wow,these cushions are so cute.Love the paints.

Daisy Rogers said...

Your work on cushions for floor are really awesome; specially the colouring are really adorable. I wish I could have the same in my home.
Love your work!!!