11 September 2013

BOUTIQUE - carousel carousel

its always lovely to discover new stylishly curated online shops and I recently stumbled across one called 'carousel carousel'. this small but pretty store stocks this fabulous party tableware from my little day, as well as paper goods, toys, and vintage pieces. From this online store I was led onto a trail of other fabulous french stores and artists which I have posted here today.

from carousel carousel's blog I was led onto another lovely shop called 'rocket lulu' who had some fabulous prints like the chicken and egg below by hextor dexet, and below that 'what a mess' by aurelie guillery (who features in print & pattern kids).

the fabulous prints at rocket lulu led me onto 'georges' (a magazine for children who are not too young or not too old) as they stock the whole collection of prints in the series. from here I picked out a poster by Bettina Henni which was even more striking when you see the texture in detail.

from georges I somehow ended up at happy zoe another stylish online boutique with a nice selection of stationery, cushions, and a ABC print by studio jolis momes.

after visiting studio jolis momes I was able to link to yet more lovely stores including French blossom.

 and l'arbre aux souhaits....

and finally lulu et cie, where time got the better of me and I had to end my google trail.



Susan Driscoll said...

gorgeous finds today!

Stickers and Stuff said...

LOVE this post