09 September 2013

CARDS - ma and grandy

these gorgeously simple and colourful cards from Ma and Grandy seemed like a great way to return to print & pattern after the summer break. Designed by Natala Stuetz in Brisbane, Australia. The company is named after Natala's grandparents and here is what she says about them "Grandy was the most chivalrous of men, and Ma was every bit a lady. They fell in love and were known by friends and family as a beautiful example of romance, generosity and love." This inspired Natala to create a range of cards with old fashioned messages of love and friendship but designed in a thoroughly modern fresh painterly way. find them all online here.


lizzieM said...

They are fabulous....so happy and simple! love them!

Wallartidea said...

So many cute cards,love the ideas.

Natala said...

Oh thank you muchly for the lovely write up and spreading the Ma and Grandy message! Natala x