18 November 2013

FABRICS - robert kaufman

This is a little round-up of some of the recent arrivals at Robert Kaufman. They include these bow ties and hip glasses (above & below) by Andie Hanna.

And Below four designs from Suzy Ultman's 'Jazz between Friends'.

below : three designs from 'plug & play' by RK studio.

below : two designs from 'daydream girl' by Lesley Grainger.

below : three designs from 'sew pretty' by Laurie Wisbrun.

below : three prints from 'sierra' by Bren Talavera.

And finally Christmas designs from Ann Kelle's 'jingle' collection.

1 comment:

Bren Talavera said...

Really great designs from Robert Kaufman. Thank you so much for including mine!