13 May 2014

SURTEX 2014 - flyers part two

More fab flyers today with a variety of designers who will be showcasing new work at Surtex. We start with designer  Lesley Grainger who will be debuting new categories and themes, such as, florals, holiday, christmas, inspirational, patterns and of course all new baby & kids in Booth 647.

Below : Tamara Kate grew up on the colourful Caribbean island of Trinidad, where one cannot help but be influenced by the beauty of the land and the vibrancy of the multicultural population. She currently lives in Montreal and is passionate about incorporating a bit of whimsy and delight into all her happy, and colourful artwork. See Tamara with Painted Planet in booth 717.

Below : Rosie Simons will be at Surtex in booth 250. If you are interested in licensing Rosie's work, working together on a project or would like to book an appointment to see her portfolio at Surtex, please contact her via her website here.

Below : The Lemon Ribbon Studio have some great new collections this year covering everything from baby to teen, boys and girls with some new fantastic designers on board. The studio is going from strength to strength with a growing in house team. See them in booth 1009 and pre show appointments can be booked at info@lemonribbon.com.
Below : Tammie Bennett will be in booth 651 with her gorgeous and colourful patterns.

Below : Foliage Inc will be in Booth 925 with a variety of artists work on show.
Below : Jane Mosse Designs will be in booth 915 with lots of brand new designs from her talented team of artists.
Below : Design Direction will be showing innovative designs for gift-wraps, greeting cards, and original prints for textiles, apparel, and home furnishings in booth 1002-1004.

Below : Jill McDonald will be in booth 817 where her specialty is the kids and baby market.

Below : Christine Joy Designs in booth 746 is a Brooklyn based surface pattern studio specialising in the home goods market. Christine's playful yet elegant hand-drawn motifs are influenced by her Caribbean heritage, childhood neighbourhood and time spent in Central Africa as a young girl. The clean simplicity of each pattern composition is reflective of her love of minimalist Scandinavian design.

Below : Bikini Sous La Pluie is the new studio name for Caroline Bourles of 'My Textile Design'. She will be adding a little French Chic in booth 1017.

Below : Josephine Kimberling will be exhibiting in her own booth for the fourth year at Surtex in booth 540 and will also be represented MHS licensing in booth 522.

Below : Finally today Vibrant works from Kate Austin who will be in booth 1035With a background in printed textiles, Kate's patterns have been seen on home decor, apparel, and gifts.


dot handmade said...

Wow these are so amazing and inspiring!

Papel pintado online said...

Amazing and fantastic patterns! Really don't know wich I like the most ;-)
Maybe the one that caught my attention was Ming Platt desings, wich reminds me very much to the Pip Studio ones.
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