07 May 2014

SURTEX 2014 - forest foundry

These colourful flyers are all from Forest Foundry a new art collective featuring features eight artists from around the world who all got together through Lilla Roger's Making Art That Sells class. The collective have been busy communicating across the globe and will all met up in New York for their Surtex debut in Booth 726. Above and below are flyers from the very talented Kat Kalindi Cameron.

Below : Dont miss the cute designs of Neiko Ng.

Below : Designs from Belgian artist Ine Beerten who designs under the label 'Zesti'.

Below : Katy Tanis takes inspiration from Nature and wildlife for her work.

Below : Lots of examples of the brighr and cheerful work of Netherlands based designer Miriam Bos.

Below : Victoria Weiss designs quirky, whimsical prints under the studio name ButterPop.

Below : Karma Voce from Melbourne Australia worked in fashion prints before going freelance.

Below : Dont forget all the artists above can be found at Forest Foundry in Booth 726 and online here.


Miriam Bos.com said...

Hi Marie!
Thanks so much for posting our work together. You used so much imagery, we really love it.
Keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading your blog posts very much!



bowie style said...

You're most welcome Miriam - I love everything that's going on at Forest Foundry, I hope you will have a great show at Surtex : )
All the best
Marie aka Bowie

kat kalindi cameron said...

Marie, WOW you put together a great post for us! Thank's so much for this, looks like you spent a long time on it and we really appreciate it! :) xox

neiko ng said...

Hi Marie, Thank you SO MUCH! Omg! thank you :) You are so sweet for putting us in one post!!!