18 July 2014

CARDS & FABRICS - eloise renouf

Our Friday eye candy comes from the fabulous Eloise Renouf and her new greetings card range for The Art File. The eleven different designs feature birthday cards, blank cards, as well as a Get Well and Thank you occasion card. You can see them all online here at The Art File.

Also shown (below) are Eloise's latest fabric collection for Cloud9 entitled 'Shape of Spring'. The fabrics are shipping now from Cloud9 so do look out for them at retailers, including in the UK - John Lewis. All the prints, like Carolyn Gavin's yesterday are 100% Organic Cotton.


Eloise Renouf said...

Thanks so much for the lovely feature! delighted to be here :)

Jo said...

Love all of these. Have got several prints from her etsy shop. Would love a dress or some wallpaper!