01 July 2014


These colourful designs on gadget cases from Remember are part of Habitat's Christmas gifts range.
Habitat's Festive decorations for Christmas 2014 featured the themes of space travel, imaginary worlds, and mystical creatures. The Christmas room at the press preview last week was darkened to show off all the colourful lighting making it impossible to get sharp photographs but here are few I did manage to take below along with some PR shots.The designs use warm copper and matt bronze for low key sparkle, along with crystals and faceted decorations. Reindeers, robots, and rocket like trees all form part of their 'Starstruck' collection.

Finally today a few further snaps from the Habitat press show featuring bedding and furniture which although not patterned I have included for colour inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

habitat never fails to disappoint when it come to Christmas - it's always me staple 'go to' shop that time of year for decs :)