04 August 2014

BOOK - designing patterns

I promised last week that I would post some snap shots of Lotta Kühlhorn's book Designing Patterns for Decoration, Fashion, and Graphics. Lotta Kühlhorn is one of Scandinavia’s most prominent pattern designers and has created work for a wide range of products from book covers to tableware. In it Lotta explains how she works, what inspires her, and how to use the most common techniques for creating patterns. She explores colors, forms, and the best ways to combine them, covering all the various the facets involved in designing patterns that can be used for textiles, paper, and product design. Published by Gestalten you can find it in the English language at Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

The book also contains ten projects to get you started on your own work and the templates for these projects can be found on an included CD-ROM which is "ideal for for experimentation by beginners and professionals alike".

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modmom said...

my dream book :)