08 August 2014


I wanted to post about some of the designers whose work has arrived in my inbox before P&P goes on its summer break the week after next. The first is Jessie Fröde from Hamburg, Germany who has the studio label Freak TV.

Below : Melissa Doran is an Illustrator from Dublin who produced some fabric and plate designs after taking part in the online course called Make Art That Sells run by superstar agent Lilla Rogers which covers how to break into different markets with your drawings

Below : Danielle Vaughan is a textile designer who recently graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and whose work was featured at New Designers in London this year . Danielle draws her inspiration from travel and her most recent project is based on the Californian Coast, where she spent a month travelling and gaining her inspiration. After taking photos and sketches Danielle manipulated details from photographs and transferred them to designs. These were made to create screen prints, majority printed on paper and fabrics by hand.

Below : Emma Congdon is a London based  Graphic designer who designs a lot of contemporary cross stitch. She designs extensively for magazines and alongside her commission based work she also owns and runs her own cross stitch design business 'Stitchrovia'.

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Melissa Doran said...

thanks so much for showing my work here! Huge fan of this blog :) Enjoy your summer break. Melissa