30 September 2014

KIDS DESIGN - boden AW14

Their have been some fabulous new print arrivals at Mini Boden this Autumn. I love this colourful woodland scene (above & below) but there are so many colourful flower and bird prints this season I couldn't stop posting all the lovely images. Scroll down to see what is obviously going to be a bright Autumn Winter for Boden and go online to see full details here.


neubiewaters said...

I LOVE Mini Boden and my kids have a decent amount of their clothing; however, it would be BEYOND amazing if they sold their fabric (which I realize totally defeats the purpose of them trying to sell their adorable wares), but I love their prints. Maybe they'll eventually partner with a fabric manufacturer to give those of use who like to sew clothing something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done.