22 September 2014

STORE SNAPS - totnes

I have recently been on holiday in Devon and popped into the lovely town of Totnes which has a really cute high street full of independent shops. Here are some of the snap shots I took in stores such as Gazebo,  Penelope Tom and Paperworks. If you are ever in Devon then Totnes is a great place to visit and I can see why designers such as Jane Foster and Alice Apple chose to make it their home.

These Ken Eardley ceramics (below) were snapped in The Baxter Gallery in nearby Dartmouth.


Jane Foster said...

Although I've just moved to Kingsbridge from Totnes, I'd have driven over and treated you to coffee and cake!

bowie style said...

Aw thanks Jane - I didn't realise you were on the move again. I will check your blog as I am sure your new house decor will be fab and inspirational. Good luck in your new home : )