10 October 2014


Today I am curating a designer round-up to highlight just a few of the talented P&P readers. First up is a selection of new work from Alice Perry, a freelance Surface Pattern Designer who works from a small studio in Devon. Alice has a love of hand sketching starting first with pencil then working on top with ink before adapting the designs digitally on the computer. Alice is currently seeking studio representation and welcomes freelance enquiries, you can get in touch via email info@aliceperrydesigns.com.

Next up (below) are some fun designs by Becki Clark.  Since March 13th 2014 Becki has been drawing or painting one pattern a day, Becki decided to start the project as she loves pattern and surface design and decided to make visual diary for the year. Each day the pattern is inspired by something Becki has seen that day, spoken about, or colours and shapes that she has noticed.

 Below : Rosie Beanse graduated in 2014 from Cardiff Met University, and in the summer exhibited at New Designers in London. Rosie's final major project was a screen printed collection based on looking at Mongolian culture, something that really captured her creativity. Her collection was created for the interiors market and you can see a new images below with more online here.

Below : Sonia Cavallini is a French illustrator based in Lyon. Sonia creates her own hand carved stamps to decorate envelopes or notebooks and uses her illustrations to create greeting cards. She loves to paint animals and flowers and finds her inspiration in nature or in observing vintage naturalist paintings.

Below : Joy Laforme is a surface pattern designer and licensing artist currently based in Valley Forge, PA. Joy is inspired by nostalgic images of childhood and nature, classic impressionism, and simple beauty. From her studio Joy sells fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap online. She also creates custom fabric for clients and textile studios, and undertakes commissioned illustrations and original paintings.

Below :  Audrey Martinelli is a designer based in Paris who works in textile design, fashion, graphics and illustration. You can see some examples of Audrey's work online here at Aesopica Illustration.

Below : Bethany Travers is a graduate in Surface Pattern Design and  would very much like to design for wallpaper and interiors. Bethany has recently returned to her native UK from Australia. The starting point for Beth's work is sketches using pen, ink, or charcoal. She loves to create designs that are both bold and emotive, delivering aspirational lifestyle compositions with a wow factor.

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