10 November 2014

NEW FEATURE - design directory

Some of you may have noticed a brand new feature on Print & Pattern today. We have a new page called the Designers for hire Directory. Aimed at companies, art directors, and people who commission artwork it is designed as a visual 'at a glance' guide to help them find designers quickly without having to spend time searching the P&P archives. Everyone listed in the guide is available for licensing or commissions and would welcome any inquiries.The guide has been curated for quality rather than quantity so you can be sure of finding fantastic designers to enhance any brand or product. So if you are in business and need an artist please check out this great new resource online here Designers for hire.


Ana Davis said...

Awesome! Thank you for putting together such a wonderful Blog. I just love it! :)

salli s. swindell said...

Wow! So happy to be there! The page looks fabulous! thank YOU!301

bowie style said...

Huge thanks to everyone who accepted my out of the blue invitation and took the plunge on this new feature. I hope it will prove useful to everyone.