27 November 2014

PAPERCHASE - snackpackers

Paperchase week continues today with a design range for the young and young at heart called 'Snackpackers'. This is one of the cute style collections that Paperchase do so well featuring kawaii style characters. A lion flies around the world in a balloon meeting animals and foods from different countries. Snackpackers is a full collection with lots of products including as you would imagine lunchboxes, cutlery, bowls, beakers, cups, trays, a menu planner and much much more.

1 comment:

Tame Anna said...

I wish you had some of these paperchase snackpackers for sale, lol :) They are out of print and I can't find them on ebay, etsy, or amazon. I only have the packing tape myself. Such a CUTE print!!!

*HUGS* Tame