17 November 2014

STATIONERY/CARDS - peggy oliver

Today's posts all feature designs from a new brand called Peggy Oliver. The brand has grown out of the Imprint design studio who are known for their card and wrap collections. The designs were created by two of Imprint's designers : Peggy and Oliver hence the name. I came across their designs this weekend in John Lewis and had to find out more. Their first collection was launched in 2014 and features a lovely mix of florals and complimentary geometrics on stationery, gift wrap and bags, cards, tins, phonecases etc. They also have a great Christmas line which follows in the next post. See more online here at Peggy Oliver.

The Peggy Oliver brand also have a range of card designs (below) published through Pigment Cards. Here are a selection of the designs available which currently include birthdays and Easter.

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