01 December 2014

ECOJOT - kickstarter

Ecojot, the wonderful environmentally friendly company of designer Carolyn Gavin has launched a Kickstarter project. The idea is to raise funds for an app that  Carloyn and her bother Mark have developed called ecojotCONNECT . This will be a free product that easily digitizes your handwritten notes. Here is what Carolyn says about the project : "I use my ecojotCONNECT app ready sketchbook everyday to easily bring my drawings into illustrator for the next step in my design process. It's made my life easier and I know it can do the same for you. Whether you're an artist, student or entrepreneur I know this app together with ecojot app ready paper products will keep us connected while thinking the right way: on paper". You can see the campaign and how its going online here at Kickstarter.
 And here are a few of Ecojot's latest products - all designed by Carolyn Gavin.

If you love Carloyn's art then you need to know she will have a Portfolio of designs available for licensing at Printsource next month. Ask to see her amazing designs at the Lilla Rogers' Booth.

Whilst on the subject of Ecojot I thought I would just slip in a little something else that caught my eye. Designer Muffin Grayson has recently used Ecojot to produce a selection of her designs onto notebooks which she currently has for sale on Etsy.


carolyn Gavin said...

oh my gosh! Thanks so much for sharing this!

bowie style said...

You are most welcome Carolyn - good luck with the project !

Muffin said...

Wow! Thanks Bowie! You are so sweet to feature my journals! I'm super duper excited to be able to have my designs on such quality products!