06 February 2015

CARDS - pennychoo

Pennychoo have a newly launched greetings card range called "Age Is Just A Number" which features 16 age-based birthday cards with a retro feel. Like all Pennychoo ranges it takes it's starting point from various vintage resources such as The Beano and vintage comics, old style school exercise books, carnival and circus posters, old arcade games, vintage firework packaging and the lettering on classic racing cars and hotrods. The colours have been kept as gender-neutral as possible and the designs are given various scuffed print and aged effects to bring character and warmth to the final image. The cards are stocked in various shops around the UK, and they are also available online from Pennychoo.


effie effie said...

I Love your work!!!!! Bravo!!!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

I'm going to live till I'm 90 just so I can receive that card!! Love these!!