02 February 2015

NEW TRADE SHOW - blueprint

Blueprint is a brand new print show that will take place in New York from the 14th - 16th May. The show is the brainchild of the Cinnamon Joe Studio and is created by and led by design studios. It will feature the art of twelve well established studios from around the world and will take place in the Affinia Manhattan Hotel. It will take place at a time when the studios would be in New York meeting their clients, which usually meant them going to clients in their hotels, or clients coming to us in theirs. So they thought it would be a great idea to get together as studios, and put on a print show all in one place. The Astor Hall in the Affinia has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of room to move around. It's not just aimed at any one market in particular, with the mix of studios showing, there is artwork applicable to all products that need great design. Being so new, the organisers of Blueprint are trying to get the word out as soon as possible so any of us of the NYC for Surtex can add these dates to their travel schedule.
There are the twelve studios (listed above) taking part the moment for this first show and all the spaces are gone ! But if they get enough interest they can always make the show bigger. Visit the Blueprint website now for more information or to register.

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Dan Nazario said...

Thanks a bunch for promoting our show on your blog. We are very proud to present a show for designers by designers, hopefully this is the new "trend" ;) !!

Dan @ Creativo Surface Design