10 March 2015

MOTHERS DAY - 2015 cards

Today we have a little round-up of Mother's Day card designs from a variety of publishers. The first three designs (above & below) are cute and fun for younger children to give and are by Paper Salad.

Below : Beautiful designs from the 'Flowers and Things' 2015 range by Stop the Clock.

Below : Stylish designs from The Rifle Paper Co.

Below : Beautiful pastels on cards from Liz & Pip.

Below : Hand drawn flowers in a sophisticated colour palette from Rosie Caitlin on Etsy.

Below : Elegant flowers from The Little Bird Press at Not on the High Street (NOTHS).
Below : Geometric Mum by Ruka Ruka from NOTHS.
Below : Folky flowers from Velvet Ribbon at NOTHS.

Below : Fresh blue and yellow from Tilliemint Loves at NOTHS.
Below : Colourful stitches on a personalised card from Buttongirl Designs.
Below : Two designs from Paper Rose /The Art Group.

Below : Letterpress card from the Egg Press.
Below : Mama and baby owl card from Carolyn Gavin at Ecojot.
Below : Cute collages on cards from Cinnamon Aitch.

Below : Gold designs from Hello! Lucky.

Below : 3D card from Meri Meri.
Below : Native pattern and tree design from Rock Scissor Paper.

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