27 March 2015

SHOWCASE - art & business of surface design

Today we have a really interesting showcase of patterns from the students on the Art & Business of Surface Design online E-Course run by designer Rachael Taylor. The ABSPD attracts a global audience with students taking part from all over the world and you can find emerging artists who all show great potential and have a passion for colour and pattern. Print & Pattern offers an annual scholarship for a free place on all modules of the course. The January Module 3 class finished recently and features in our first selection of designs starting with Ginette Guiver above and Micala Duvoux below. The next module 3 class runs from April 13 2015 for anyone interested in trying it out.
 Below : Cheena Kaul
 Below : Elise Chevry.
 Below : Sandrine Monier
 Below : Siobhan Watt.
 Below : Lara Georgine Nedeltscheff
 Below : Claire Wilson.
Below : Lesley Young Behance |Facebook
And below we have selection from the students on Round 8 Module 2 the next round of which also starts on April 13 2015. The first print below is by Cathy Nordstrรถm of Studio Lilla Form.
 Below : Elizabeth Kitching
 Below : Joanna Sieter.
 Below : Jane Kirkpatrick
 Below : Tamzen Brewster.
 Below : Christianne Possmayer. 
 Below : Madeline Ritchie
 Below : Kizzie Johnston
 Below : Tara Langlois,
 Below : Jennifer L. Wambach.
 Below : Lucy Essex.
 Below : Fizah Malik.
 Below : Pippa Shaw.
 Below : Jocelyn Proust.
Below : Stephanie Davies.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much I'm thrilled to have one of my designs on your fab blog :)

Elizabeth kitching said...

I second what Lesley said and it really gives you a boost , just when I needed it !

Micala said...

Wow, this has made my day! Thank you so much for sharing my parasols as well as the gorgeous work by some of my lovely classmates.