25 March 2015

WALLPAPER - mini moderns

P.L.U.T.O is the latest wallpaper design from Mini Moderns. Whilst designing their Hinterland collection - based on Dungeness and the surrounding Kent countryside - Mini Moderns were intrigued to learn about the area’s rich military history. The P.L.U.T.O. wallpaper is named after The Pipe Line Under The Ocean - a fuel line running under the English Channel to supply fuel to the allied D-Day invasion army during the Second World War. Mini Moderns founders Mark and Keith explain: “We expressed idea of the pipeline in the design as a continuous metallic line, running diagonally across a background inspired by the ‘dazzle’ camouflage featured on military vessels during the two world wars”. The design also features circular and curved motifs based on the three Dungeness ‘Sound Mirrors’, or ‘Listening Ears’. These concrete structures are still standing today, and add to the unusual beauty of the Dungeness area. P.L.U.T.O. wallpaper is available in 5 colourways: Washed Denim & Copper, Coach Emerald & Silver, Tangerine Dream & Silver, Mustard, and Lido & Copper.

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