22 April 2015


During the month of April Etsy are promoting the wealth of artwork they have available on the site. There is something for all tastes being showcased during their Month of Art. I thought that I to would post some of the prints i have found and favourited in recent times. The first selection are from Dewey Howard aka artist Elizabeth Grubaugh.

Also spotted this intricate design below from Etsy shop Groovy Gravy by Vermont artist Michale Mullan.
Below - Striking graphic animal print from Etsy's Hello Pants by Anna Dance.
Below : Lovely buildings from Wendy Brightbill at A girl and her brush.
Below : Pretty birds by Flora Waycott.
Below - Beautiful colours and geoemetrics from Eloise Renouf.
Below : Strong shapes from Lindy Hants at Little Design Haus.

Below : Really cute bunny by Izumi Idoia.
Below: Strong angles on this mountain print from the Hello Yellow Store.
Below: Scandinavian apple print from the Work on Paper Studio.
Below : Stylised fruit by printmaker and illustrator Abbey Withington.
Below : Owl by  Alan Brown at Twamies.
Below : Retro style ducks from Virginie Morgand.
Below : Artwork from Paris based artist Noemie Cedille.
Below : Happy Alpacas by Sarah and Colin Walsh at Petit Reve.
Below : Nordic Bear from Helo Birdie.
Below : Folk Friends print from Happy Doodle Land aka Flora Chang.
Below : Circus Elephant by Helen Robin.
Below : Colourful Owl by Mojca and Marko at DURIDO.
Below : Hedgehog by Hong Kong based illustrator and graphic designer Keith at Dekanimal.
Below : Friendly sketchy personalised Lion from Leo Little Lion.
Below : Vintage style print from The Seapink.
 Below : Paper collage print by Andrea Smith Shoppe.
Below : Sketchy floral from Studio Legohead who also do a lovely line in pet portraits.
Below : Mid century Scandi style by Jessica Nielsen.
Below : Colourful springtime print from Ellen Giggenbach.
And finally a lovely abstract geometric from Handz.

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Marja said...

I love your blog!!! All those beautiful prints are the best way to start my day! Thank You for all tour photo's!!