11 May 2015

BLUEPRINT NY - cinnamon joe

Huge apologies for the sudden lack of posts last week - I was struck down suddenly with a virus and with no time to post a warning or explanation I was totally unable to do any work. This means i am now hugely behind on Surtex postings so we have tons of great design to catch up on. We dive straight back in with The Cinnamon Joe Studio  who will be part a new show called BluePrint 14-16th May just before Surtex at the Studio Arte at 265 West 37th Street in New York. Twelve different studios are hosting the event as a joint venture to showcase their wares. Look out for new designs from all of the Cinnamon Joe Studio artists including Alice Potter, Andrea Turk, and all those featured below. For more details on BluePrint click here or find out about Cinnamon Joe here.

Another artists whose work will be at BluePrint with Cinnamon Joe is Rachel Gresham, who sent through not only a flyer but a sneak peak of her portfolio as well,

Another illustrator and surface designer represented by Cinnamon Joe Studio to send in some Surtex highlights is Clarice Diamantino...

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Katy said...

These look great! So cute!