12 May 2015

SURTEX 2015 - forest foundry

Forest Foundry are excited to be exhibiting at Surtex again this year in booth 554. The art collective consists of Kat Kalindi Cameron, Karma Voce, Miriam Bos, Ine Beerten, Victoria Weiss, Katy Tanis, Neiko NG and Zoe Ingram (who after winning the Global Art Talent search competition will be exhibiting with Lilla Rogers). The team are looking forward to meeting up in NYC and any enquiries can also be made via their group websiteHere are flyers from each of their exciting artists with links to their own individual websites starting with Kat Kalindi Cameron

Victoria Weiss

Ine Beerten

Katy Tanis
Karma Voce

Miriam Bos

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irrimiri said...

Thanks so much for featuring us on your blog today Marie.
It's very much appreciated as always. :D