10 June 2015

DESIGN - zara gonzalez hoang

Zara Gonzalez Hoang is a designer and illustrator originally from South Minneapolis. Zara worked in advertising and as a designer and creative director for start ups, but eventually her interest in doing something a little smaller led her to start her own label Manka where she could create interesting posters, prints, cards, tees etc. Zara says her work is "filled with creatures and critters with the occasional human thrown in for good measure. I work mostly digitally either in vectors in illustrator or drawing on my tablet in Photoshop. When time (or the project) allows I like to throw in some non-digital elements usually with pencil, pen and ink or the occasional bit of watercolor. As a closet screen printer, my work tends to focus on limited colors and simple shapes." She is interested in working on any freelance projects large or small and can be found online here.

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