25 June 2015

WALLPAPER - mini moderns

Mini Moderns have released the latest wallpaper in their Hinterland collection. The collection takes inspiration from the Kent coastline and its surrounding countryside and the newest pattern 'Equinox' is the result of an exploration of the agricultural heritage of the county often described as the Garden of England. The design pays tribute to the corn dolly - plaited straw ornaments, traditionally woven from the year’s last sheaf of wheat, and kept until the following spring to ensure a good harvest. Mini Moderns design duo Mark and Keith wanted to capture a na├»ve folk-art feel and celebrate the variety of shapes of ‘golden dollies’ that were created by different farming communities. The design features hand drawn icons and symbols based on many regional shapes of corn dollies alongside folk-art inspired sun motifs. Equinox is available in 4 colourways: Mustard, Asparagus, Harvest Orange and Stone The price is £50 per 52 cm x 10m roll.

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