07 July 2015

FABRICS - cotton + steel

The very latest collections from Cotton + Steel have just arrived in stock at Fabricworm. There a five colourful new collections from some fabulous designers. Here are the new ranges to look out for : The first is 'Honeymoon' by Sarah Watts a collection inspired by a tropical honeymoon with lounging sloths, tweeting songbirds, and wild horses.

Next we have 'Paper Bandana' by Alexia Marcelle Abegg with soft plues, pinks, and yellows it has been designed to appeal to all ages.

Popular designer Melody Miller has created Picnic a collection with a charming mid-century aesthetic. This designs are a cheery take on eating outside with friends and enjoying an old fashioned picnic.

Lucky Strikes is a sporty collection designed by Kimberly Kight.

And the latest collection from Rashida Colman Hale is 'Zephyr' featuring soft clouds and soaring kites.

I spotted a few more fabrics from one of Cotton + Steel's earlier releases that looked interesting. 'Spellbound' is a collaborative Halloween range created by different designers at Cotton + Steel including Sarah Watts and Rashida Colman Hale.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful patterns! I'm going to buy a red sofa on slf24 and I'm looking for some fabrics to buy cushions. Very inspiring! :)