23 July 2015

KITCHEN - lotta odelius

I was a big fan of Lotta Odelius' Sagaform design 'Retro' which proved hugely popular when it launched a few years ago. So I thought it would be great to look and see how she had followed it up. The answer was Tulip which is another striking graphic range from Lotta which includes cake and storage tins, aprons, oven gloves, napkins and a tea towel. Lotta describes the collection as "A tribute to the vibrant, colorful tulip flower. The pattern combines every aspect of what that makes the flower unique: its shiny leaves, the long, upright stem, each flower being slightly distinct unto itself. Despite its austere character, the tulip exudes positive energy".

1 comment:

Jodie Smith said...

Beautiful, scandinavian/mid-century patterns. Lovely, modern colours. What more could you want?
Lovely work.