11 September 2015

HOMEWARES - anthropologie

Today's posts focus on homewares so for today's Friday eye candy I thought I would pick out a few highlights from the Anthropologie UK website. Recent arrivals include these 'Folklore' designs (above & below) on cushions and tea towels, and Saga tableware. On wall art there are prints by Molly Hatch and also standing out in rugs was a colourful tropical bird. Finally the typography on Marc Martin's 'A Forest' book caught my eye.


DaughterEarth said...

do you have any idea who designed those plates?

bowie style said...

As far as I know Anthropologie have never publicly named the artist who produced the designs for the Saga collection. I did wonder if it was by an illustrator called Yelena Bryksenkova but have never found any evidence. Would love to know who designed this stunning range - if the designer in question is reading this please say hello and let us know : )