01 September 2015


It is the final day for submissions to Print & Pattern Nature and huge thanks to everyone who has already submitted. There have been more than 600 entries so far, over 230 of which came in this bank holiday weekend alone. Unfortunately there was also a bit of an inbox breakdown last week while I was away on holiday as lots of large files caused it to become overfull. Apologies for anyone who had problems - the best way to keep things flowing is not to send high res files, but if you have any doubt about your image sizes you can use the free and easy wetransfer.com service.


Lisa Jane Dhar said...

Thank you for letting us Know. I sent my files last week. I hope they arrived safely. :)

Arwen said...

Thanks for this information. Is there a way to know if you received our submissions? I didn't get any sort of error email, but now I am wondering if it is possible that it didn't get to you. I sent mine on August 21st. Thanks!

Lisa Bliss said...

Thanks for letting us know! In my usual style I sent mine VERY close to the deadline. I didn´t receive any news of technical glitches, so I´m assuming it arrived ok? Will you reply to everyone, successful or not?

Anonymous said...

When will you be letting those who will be featured know?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Is there a way we can know if you didn't get them?

Anonymous said...

Is there a way we can know if you didn't get or designs?

bowie style said...

Anon - if they don't come through then you will get a message saying your mail
was undelivered, which was what happened to several people last week.
You will know if my email is full because it will tell you.

But at the moment there is plenty of room in my inbox so there shouldn't be any problems. However Emails over 30mb can easily bounce back though as it is too large for hotmail.

Ideally submissions should be much less than this anyway as we only need low res jpegs at this stage.

If you use the wetransfer.com method then you will get a notification when i download your files so that can be very handy as you'll get a receipt.

But unfortunately to reply individually to 700 people to confirm is not possible time wise.

Anonymous said...
When will you be letting those who will be featured know?

I will be letting successful designers know they are to be in the book as they will need to supply high res and vector images. We do not print the books from the submission files without telling anyone.

Lynn :-) said...

Hi Bowie! thanks for the update- i sent 7 lo-res files- hope they didn't get lost in the shuffle- argggh to bandwidth issues !! :) hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Will you be letting us know once you've finished making the final selections of art for your nature book?
Thank you!

bowie style said...

Hi Anon - Selections have been made and the first invitations started to go out on Monday. But more are still to go out and it remains quite fluid until 100 or so designers have confirmed (and will actually be able to send in printable resolution images on time). Some people wont actually remember or have the time to get organised so other favourites from my shortlist can then step in and fill their place.