30 September 2015

TEXTILES - round-up

When I get the time I love having a little bit of fun on google japan looking for fabrics, mainly of the Scandinavian variety. The first label I came across this time though hale from Estonia and they are Kuks & Kuttner.

My next discovery was Studio Hilla who are based in Finland and feature six independent designers who all have different experiences and design styles for textiles, surface design, fashion, accessories and graphics. Here are some of their Japanese fabrics...

And I loved these stylish 'Anais' florals from UK company Clarke & Clarke.

And here are some more fabric prints that caught my eye whilst browsing around on Japanese websites. First up designs from Swedish textile company Arvidssons including prints by Bjork-Forth. 

And below bold ovals from Redlunds Textil.
And below two contrasting colourways on this print from Kinnamark.
Below - simple bird designs by Brita Sweden.

And finally a fun typographic design from Marimekko.

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