30 October 2015

MEMPHIS - final round-up

Now it's time for one final round-up on Memphis style and we start with a posters and notebooks from HeyShop.

And below a bit of 1980's style fun on bedding and cushions from Sack Me!

Another of the Memphis movements founder members was Natalie Du Pasquier and some of her designs are currently in production with Third Drawer Down.

Below : Logo and Branding for label 'One we made earlier' whose lookbook has been styled by designer Clare Nicolson.

California 80's style on printable gift tags from Oh Happy Day.

Stripes and bright on a tray by Kristi Kohut spotted at Greatly.
And finally I found a little bit more from the excellent Camille Walala, this time a collection for Gorman.

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your website for the first time in ages and so happy I did. I've always been drawn to 'Memphis' style and never knew there was a name for it or that there had been a movement. I remember begging my parents to let me decorate my teenage bedroom like this and they just couldn't get it - if only I'd had this as reference back then! Thank you for the inspiration. *Spends the rest of the day on pinterest*