27 October 2015

MEMPHIS - inspiration

Here are a few more contemporary designs that capture the bold graphics and pastels of the 1980's but with a brand new modern feel. First up we have wallpaper from Milton & King from their Ingrid + Mika collection. The Sentiments design above and below is great for statements whilst the simple grid design could have a myriad of uses as a backdrop for display.

Charlotte love is a stylist who has captured a pop graphics look perfectly with this lovely mix of black and white print and bright colour which she styled for the June 2014 issue of Heart Home magazine. With photography by Joanna Henderson.

Below : More styling from Charlotte Love with photograph by Natalie Dinham.
And finally we finish with more grids, triangles and pastel colour on this cushion from depeapa. depeapa is the label of Veronica de Arriba a designer based in Granada, Spain. The cushions are available on Etsy here.

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