18 November 2015

XMAS GIFTS - howkapow

As we are in the festive season I thought I would begin to highlight prints and patterns on products we might want to buy as Christmas presents. And as you may have heard me say before the packaging at this time of year is a real highlight for pattern fans. These soaps from Howkapow by Le Baigneur are a great example. A humble bar of soap (albeit a top quality one) is lifted to become a desirable gift through the use of stylish packaging with bold patterns.

Also catching my eye from Howkapow's festive offerings were prints by Tom Pigeon..

Below : Cushion by Finn Storm.
Below : Lollipop print by la Fruits de la Mer
Below lampshade by Lisa Jones.
Below : A sweetly illustrated kitchen tea towel by Louise Lockheart of The Printed Peanut. 

Below : And finally from Howkapow ceramics by Klevering.

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Vivayne said...

I love the soap packaging too!!