18 December 2015

XMAS 2015 - advent countdowns

A few more Christmas designs have come in at the last minute for designers who are doing advents. Posting a Christmas design each day is a great way to test your creativity and skills and to build up a portfolio. The first designs are from Hong Kong based designer Gina Maldonado of Cocogigidesign.

Next up are some bold designs from Stephanie Thannhauser's Christmas countdown...

Designer Jane Farnham has been illustrating each day of December to create a countdown to Christmas on her Instagram account.

Below are two designs from Sandra Bowers a freelance illustrator and surface pattern and branding designer based in Canada.

And finally there is countdown each day at the Yellow Doodle blog from designer Noopur Thakur.


ric-rac-uk.blogspot.com said...

Thanks Marie - Have a great holiday xxx

Yellow Doodle said...

Thank you so much for including me Marie:)
Hope you have a lovely holiday!